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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 10, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> new pictures moments before egyptian forces shot people dead. ♪ hello. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. of thenager accused boston bombing pleads not guilty to all 30 charges. and a runaway train killed several people in canada. and anger in latin america as the united states is accused of
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economic espionage. the egyptian authorities issued a warrant for the muslim brotherhood leader, mohammed badie. he is accused of inciting violence that led to the death of 50 people outside the republican guard headquarters. the muslim brotherhood accused the army of the massacre. around 4:00 in the morning. this is the street near the republican guard in cairo. full of tear gas and then gunshots echoed in the darkness. long video was shot by a witness close to the building when former president morsi for testers believed he was being detained. point, the security
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forces are moving information and clearing the way. attackedsays they were first by gunmen and that they were forced to respond. the video is used to support that allegation. when shot in daylight, it is unclear who or what provoked the fighting which lasted for hours. the muslim brotherhood says the army attacked its supporters while they were praying. they see the protesters were unarmed when the security forces began shooting. days after the luckiest incident no closer2011, we are to knowing exactly what happened . over 50 supporters of orman president morsi were killed. -- of former president morsi were killed. now there are two versions of the same story in a country more divided than ever. which version you believe will
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mope likely natural more likely settle whose side you are on. reporting in cairo. >> these are live pictures coming to us. you can see thousands of supporters are still out there in the streets in the square there. the protests have not diminished in any way. a reporter who has been talking to reporters. reporters break their fast on the first day of ramadan. they are sharing their food and their concerns about this current turmoil in egypt. as far as they are concerned, they are still very much determined to have the reversal of the military coup and the restatement of the democratically elected leader mohamed morsi.
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support is still strong in spite of the second arrest warrant that has been issued against generals of the muslim brotherhood, mohammed badie. many remain camped out in tents like these. there are really hundreds of tents like these that have been erected across the city. more people will join the protests and the momentum will be in their favor. >> the protest continued. the interim president has been trying to form a government. appointedoved the man by president morsi. there are it talks with the interim prime minister, hazem el beblawi. he says a new cabinet will be formed this week. >> the 19-year-old man accused of arming the boston marathon has pleaded not guilty. dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with using a weapon of mass to
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structure and to carry out the attack. three people were killed and more than 260 were injured. >> the heavy police escort for the highly anticipated 19-year- old dzhokhar tsarnaev arrived for his first public appearance almost three months after the marathon bombings that killed two people and injured more than 260. some of the victims were determined to be there in the same room. first they had to make their way through the media outside. after usually injured shootouts with police after being captured. he walked into the courtroom without any help and he moved freely. ae only sign of injury was plastic cast on his left arm. he was asked how he pleaded against the charges against him, and he pleaded not guilty to all of them.
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officers atearing, the massachusetts institute of technology stood outside. this is their way of paying their respects. is beingtsarnaev escorted back to a prison just outside of boston. there are a number of court date set for the coming months will stop al jazeera -- for the coming months. al jazeera, boston. >> the asian on airlines flight 214 crashed in san francisco. a fire began. >> a minute and a half after the aircraft came to a stop, and this is based on video evidence, a man and a half after the aircraft came to a stop, door 2l
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followed closely by door 1l and the slides were deployed. evacuatingers began down the slides. there we saw passengers evacuating from 3r. about two minutes after the crash, the first emergency response vehicles you arrived on the scene. >> we will bring you breaking news. president obama has been erected agencies toting review u.s. aid to egypt. this is coming to us reuters. also saying the u.s. remains committed to its defense relationship with egypt. you may recall the way that the u.s. perceives what the events in egypt has taken place has a
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deep impact on aid to egypt. president obama is directing u.s. agencies to review u.s. aid to egypt that is committed to his defense relationship with that country. sayng on, canadian police 50 people were killed by a saturday. theon fire was so intense many missing may never be found. the company that owns the train believed that the hand brakes were not properly set. the train with 72 oil tankers that exploded in this quite parkede town has been for the night. how it broke loose and hurtled up to 100eds of kilometers an hour is what transportation officials and police are trying to work out. there has been a lot of anger that the owners of the train took days to apologize and offer
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compensation. the company chairman also suggested the train driver might have caused the crash by not properly locking the mechanical freights on the tanker cars. >> this was a failure of the brakes. whetherry questionable the hand brakes were properly applied on the train. weren't rlc would not have had this happen. >> transport investigators are investigating the fritz as well as track conditions signal technology and other factors. police are considering criminal charges of possibly involving negligence. that would the up to prosecutors. the worst task is looking for dozens of people presumed dead and identifying badly burned bodies will go on for many more days. this community has a long way to go for it begins to recover from this terrific event. the flames are out. some people are going home and are well on their way i'm getting some sort of explanation
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of why an oil train derailed and devastated their once beautiful town. al jazeera. a, the government tried to flush out rebel fighters. government soldiers have been attacking the area for more than a week. >> protest against the opposition fighters who control the area. people say the rebels are stopping food from reaching civilians. our correspondent has the report in turkey on the syrian border. raising their borders -- voices against the rebels that are preventing food from reaching people. they are chanting, we want this to be lifted. the people are angry and live in rebel areas. they do not think their neighbors should be punished simply because they live in that territory.
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it is a from my neighborhood that has been used by the people of this divided city as the main crossing point. "please help us. they are saying it is not allowed to bring food in. i came here to buy food. we have nothing available. people are dying of hunger." >> rebels try to justify. they said the price of basic goods will go up. people begged, but it did not help. even a member tried to give his arm fighters to change their minds. >> what has this woman done wrong? she just wants groceries. by closing this road you are hurting ordinary people. this is not a revolution, but in justice. there are millions there. you cannot close this crossing. >> about 2 million syrians are believed to live in the west. there is a feud shortage -- food
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shortage. the world health organization has appealed for safe passage to deliver much-needed supplies. remindinge constantly all parties to respect the personnel and have patience and infrastructure and medical supplies to ensure they are getting their protection that they are needing. we have a convoy. that willagencies send medical supplies that will hopefully reach them. we went to make sure that it reaches the people. >> it was a year ago when rebels took control of the city of aleppo. a few weeks ago, the government theunced whether to take city and its countryside, but
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has not been able to make any significant gains. the opposition launched an offensive of their own. rebels around the city and to theall routes leading area, including the main highways of the south. the strategy of the opposition has been to weaken the supply lines. a fighter see the blockade's is not to cause suffering for the civilians, but it does put pressure on the government which is struggling to provide for its people. al jazeera. ♪ the top stories on al jazeera. they warned has been issued for the muslim brotherhood leader thomas mohammed badie -- for that muslim brotherhood leader, mohammed badie. he is accused of inciting violence at the republican guard
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headquarters. the suspect in the boston marathon bombing has pleaded not guilty. dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with weapons of mass destruction. three people were killed and more than 260 were injured. canadian police say that 50 people have died in the explosion caused by runaway train. the u.s. company who controls the train believe the hand brakes were not happily set. -- properly set. that theted angrily u.s. is spying on industries. there is new evidence from the former government contractor, edward snowden. >> from the u.s. mexican border, outraged friends and foes of the united states are debating a regionwide response to
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allegations that u.s. national security agency has been spying on them. reports of list in the brazilian newspaper include not just u.s. surveillance on political internal affairs and military countries like venezuela, but also commercial spying into the energy sector. brazil, venezuela, argentina, and mexico have all substantial reserves of oil and gas. journalist who broke the leaks provided by edward snowden , there is more to come. >> there are things that the nsa is doing that no one knew they were doing that is extremely consequential. it involves massive invasion into private lives and communications. there is more of what they are doing and what we have got. hashe high-tech spying infuriated latin american leaders. >> we sent a formal request for
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an explanation. we are waiting for a formal response from the united states. is sent shivers down my spine that we find out that the u.s. is spying on all of us. a follow-up is only the beginning. the close aide of resilience president-- brazilian says they must have a hard response to prevent the united states from trampling all over them. that response is likely to come within the next 48 hours. the block includes south america's largest countries -- brazil, argentina, and venezuela. all are reevaluating their relationship with the united states. it is a country that at least publicly does not consider them a national security threat. buena aires.----
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chargedey manning is with leaking videos from the state department cables. life in prison. chantel still poses a flood risk to people living in haiti and the dominican republic. many have largely ignored warnings by officials to seek refuge in safer places. chinandslide in southwest have killed many people. in one town, fast-moving rivers have moved houses. there's something terrifying about the way it crumbles and disappears into the torrent. nothing stand in the path of the
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raging water. building after building collapses. amazingly, this man makes it to the other side. days of heavy rainfall in southwestern china have caused landslides and mudslides and flooding. >> the water level is so high that vehicles have all been washed away. is under theovince hardest hardest hit areas. it affected more than 360,000 people. their tragic people to safety. many people had no choice but to wait on their roofs and to help arrived. the rescue effort is complicated by a lack of access. many bridges linking roads have collapsed. in one town, a landslide is reported to have buried up to 40 people. the media calls of flooding
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disaster the worst to hit in half a century. al jazeera. fever infections in thailand could hit a record high. researchers have made a breakthrough in typhoon disease. vaccines will not arrive in time to fight this outbreak. >> the global fight against this fever is centered at a university in thailand. it has been a long fight. the first clinical trials of vaccines began in 1980 led by a professor. now more than 30 years later, he and his team believe they have finally found a vaccine for all four types of the virus. they are testing on monkeys is working. the vaccine but provide long- lasting immunity.
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>> very excited. >> the next that is critical -- clinical trials. mosquitoantime, the borne virus is spreading around the world. in thailand, around 60,000 cases have been reported so far this year. 120,000l could surpass and hundreds dead. many of the patients are children in poor and rural areas. the government says it is deploying more than one million volunteers to act as combatants and get rid of mosquitoes in schools and temples. children are being educated about the dangers and how to reduce the threats. how tore teaching people clean up areas where mosquitoes like to breed like piles of garbage. we are also providing sprays in helping people develop good habits. >> but it is a massi
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countryside,e there are mosquito breeding grounds everywhere. despite the efforts come of the reality is that they are losing the fight against the fever. the people in this small village believe they have found a way to protect themselves. for the past six years, they have been producing molds made out of natural ingredients like seashells and herbs they found that when they put them into stagnant water, the mosquitoes would not lay their eggs there. in the past six years, they have had no infections. al jazeera, thailand. --that i wish the parliament ishers element cash -- ir parliament is debating abortion. we have this report from dublin. >> is protesters held a vigil outside ireland parliament.
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pro-choice and pro-life uncomfortably are side-by-side. for many, it is not enough. mean, this happened right after i was born. it is ridiculous nothing has been done about it until now. >> they have some of the most restrictive laws in the world. many want to keep it that way. >> women must decide their fate. many travel abroad to determinate pregnancies in the uk in the proposed bill -- the more the government has debated, it
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would allow for abortion if it puts the woman's life at risk. but manyimited change, consider it significant. > >> it is a country that is conservative, ireland. the death of this woman that pressure the government to find new legislation. in 2012, she was denied an abortion despite miscarrying and her help being at risk. she later died from lead poisoning. the doctors on the front line of this issue facing threat of 14 years in jail if they carry out an abortion that goes against the law. circumstances that no one can really feel confident about when or whether they can access abortion services. the world is asking ireland the question -- have you honored the
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death by bringing in legislation to ensure this never happens again? the answer is no, we haven't. >> the debate was just as passionate protest happening outside. to be00 amendments discussed and voted on. the government is determined that this ruling will not be delayed anymore. it is expected to pass. al jazeera, dublin. resigning over a secret service scandal. there'll be new elections to replace europe's longest serving member of government. he is accused of failing stock corruption and illegal practices such as phone voting politicians. he denies any wrongdoing. when you say something, you take a second. the national definition of time, that could be heading for a change. people, time is what
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is on your watch or mobile phone. it is what you call hours on a day and time zones. sometimes a bit more provision comes in handy. pendulums were once the cutting edge or time. now the world has relied on atomic clocks. that is what is known as a fountain clock. it emits atoms and the cascade down. the data is captured and time is found from that recording. accuracyk has gotten of about a second in 100 million years. >> it isn't bad, really. there is always room for improvement. the current definition of a manyd is the duration of
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oscillations of the radiation absorbed or emitted when it added jumps between two energy spaces. but that could change. suggestss because test these clocks could be three times as accurate as current atomic clocks. clock is not just a single clock with a single atom. it is a collection of clocks working together and using laser beams by giving higher frequency. the higher frequency is a better chance you have of getting an accurate measure of a second. >> many people are quite happy with their own definition. >> what is a second? 60 seconds of a minute. it has to do with atomic clock. one beep means that a second
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has passed. the accuracyists is not a waste of time -- scientists insist that accuracy is not a waste of time. i would not doubt them for a single second. al jazeera, london. ♪ ♪
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